close-up portrait of country style



This beautiful look is perfect for the evening. With gold and blue glitters that
compliment your face and a banging boho bag you are the beautiful center from every


Jar of gloss pigment Yves Rocher
Shimmer Shine Kevin Murphy
Creamy Eyes E 128 Ellis Faas
Milky Lips L 207 Ellis Faas
Gold leaf and gold leaf chips
Duo transparent eyelash glue
Brow gel Bobbi Brown
Skin Veil S 205 Ellis Faas


STEP 1 Use a little concealer for the dark circles under your eyes and any other stains. Apply a
thin layer of foundation over it for an even base.
STEP 2 – Brush the eyebrows and use the brow gel.
STEP 3 – Apply the creamy eyeshadow to the eyelid.
STEP 4 – Use the creamy eyeshadow under the eye.
STEP 5 – Shape your cheekbones by applying blush on your cheekbone.
STEP 6 – Apply the lipstick. Use an issue to avoid too much lipstick, after all, you want your
eyes to get attention with this look.
STEP 7 – Use the eyelash glue and apply it,  take a close look at your cheek, and where you want to apply gold leaf.
STEP 8 – Gently tape the gold leaf to your cheek and press gently.
Combine with the Indian summer braids and a beautiful boho bag and you are ready!


Dance baby dance!

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