Bohemian Boho Bag G
Bohemian Boho Bag Indian Hairstyle

Bohemian Boho Indian hairstyle



boho beauty cannot do without Braids, beads, and feathers in hair. Complete the look with
smoky eyes on the front sultry look. Use blue for a special effect, which matches the azure blue
sea on Ibiza. This look is easy to make and ideal for lunch by the beach. Dressed in a long boho
dress or shorts, boots, and of course a killer boho bag.

This is what you need:

Elastic band(s)
Feathers and beads
A string, cord or leather lace

STEP 1 – Make pigtails where you want the braids.
STEP 2 – Pull the cord through the elastic band and braid around the strand.
STEP 3 – Tie the cord around your head.
STEP 4 – Hang some feathers and for extra effect add beads on the string.

Ready to go, boho!

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